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A320 Mini Overhead Panel - by MadMonkey

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€199.00 €219.00
A miniature overhead based on all the key functions of an A319/A320/A321 overhead that you need to fly, in an unobtrusive 20cm x 10cm package. Photographed here mounted on a universal VESA monitor pole (not included).

The panel can mount directly above your screen increasing your immersion of realistically reaching above your head as in the real aircraft. Config files for MobiFlight make this immediately compatible with the MSFS2020 Fenix and FlyByWire A320's and you can even make your own configurations to work with other aircraft and simulators too.

Shipping note:
πŸ“… Pre-order items take 3 weeks of lead time
πŸ“¦ Item shipped directly from the UK, additional local customs/taxes may apply

βœ… Front Panel and circuit board in 3D printed enclosure
βœ… USB-B cable

Not included:
❌ 75mm VESA Monitor Mount (optional)

Configs and profiles available at:

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