LCD Display

This LCD display has two rows and 40 characters per row.
It uses white characters on blue background and is compatible with MobiFlight because it comes with the I2C adapter.

The address typically is "0x27"

Technical details:

* Characters: 16 columns, 2 rows
* Supply Voltage: 5V
* LCD Driver: HD44780
* I2C Backpack 8-bit I/O Expander IC:
* PCF8574A (PCF8574AT) Default I2C Address: 0x3F
* PCF8574 (PCF8574T) Default I2C Address: 0x27
* Eight different I2C address options configured with solder jumpers: A0, A1, A2
* Refer to Solder Jumper Configurable I2C Addresses link under Resources
* Dimensions: 80mm (3.15") length x 36mm (1.42") width x 18.24mm (0.72") height

Weight: 34.5g (1.22oz)

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