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MAX7219 - Breakout System

The MAX7219 Breakout System, designed by @Stephan & @pizman - allows you to drive easily up to 32(!) 7-segment displays. The wiring system makes connecting everything extremely easy too.

The MAX7219 Breakout System is designed for the 7-segment display adapters, see https://github.com/MobiFlight/mobiflight-pcbs/tree/main/max7219-breakout-system

The included manual that is available for the MAX7219 Breakout System explains everything you need to know in simple steps.

Options of this product:

*Components Kit* - contains PCB, all electronic components and connectors. The Kit has to be assembled and requires soldering skills.

*Assembled version* - everything comes pre-assembled for you. Plug & Play.

Weight: 50 grams

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