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MAX7219 - Digit PCB System - 50cm

The Max7219 Digit PCB System comes with
* WHITE 7-segment digits,
* the PCB
* all required connectors, and
* a flat ribbon cable (50cm)

The digits are plugged into the PCB sockets. Combinations of 3-digit & 2-digit are grouped together to make up the combinations from 3-6 digits:

3-digit PCB - 1 x 3-digit module
4-digit PCB - 2 x 2-digit module
5-digit PCB - 1 x 3-digit & 1 x 2-digit module
6-digit PCB - 2 x 3 digit module

Once assembled, you can easily and securely connect it to the Max7219 Breakout Board. See (https://shop.mobiflight.com/product/max7219-breakout-system).

You can adjust the color using the tinted film from here:

This kit requires assembly. You will need to solder the connectors to the PCB and then mount the digit modules.

The digits are selected by hand to make sure that the brightness match best possible. Slight, minor differences might be possible when digits coming from different batches.

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