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Prototyping Board v2


The original MobiFlight Prototyping Board makes experimenting and exploring the MobiFlight ecosystem extremely easy!

The board requires an Arduino Mega Pro Mini on the backside. The Arduino board can be removed at all times. This makes it perfect to first explore and learn MobiFlight, and later use the Arduino in a specific application.

The board comes with a prepared configuration and allows for quickly connecting all popular Mobiflight devices through comfortable connectors:

* 5x Buttons
* 5x LEDs
* 10x Two- or Three-way switches
* 1x 7-Segment-Display chain (up to 8 modules)
* 2x LCD Displays
* 2x Servos
* 2x Stepper -or- 1x stepper & 1x Multiplexer Breakout Board (chainable)
* 1x Input-Shifter
* 1x Output-Shifter
* 3x Potentiometers
* 3x Encoders

The board has a power connector for external power.

Experimenting with MobiFlight was never easier!

Please see further information on GitHub:

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